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The eco-friendly World Strong Guard admixture that meets the European Union quality requirements and produced by the World Strong Guard ltd is available for international and Hungarian companies and costumers. The World Strong Guard ltd has been established by the owners to fulfill this market demand.

The company within its core activity produces and distributes an admixture that was developed by inventors.

Adsorbent of crude oil and any kind of oil products

Since the hydrophobic effect of the material is stronger than that of any other admixture, less amount of material is able to adsorb the same amount of oil contamination. Opposite to the compositions developed for similar aim from that 1,8 kg has to be used for the neutralization of 1 kg oil and our admixture do not have any effects in a water under 7 °C:

  • it is enough to use 0,65 kg in a water between -4 °C – 0 °C
  • it is enough to use 0,60 kg in a water between 0 °C - +7 °C, i.e. it is enough to use one third of amount from this product compared with the material-demand of other products
  • above + 7 °C we can inactivate 1 kg oil-products with less than 0,50 kg admixture under less than 15% time
  • the above mentioned results can be reached in a salty solution with 20 % concentration, i.e. in an agent that is harder than the see water.

The admixture surrounds the tied oil, arranges it into a uniform bundle and cleanses the water surface totally, because it weighs down onto the bottom of the precipitating pot.

The patent is a high-quality adsorbent of oil products being on water and on solid surfaces.

The adsorbed contamination can be burned, which process is environment-friendly as the waste residue of combustion is natural based. The waste is the CaO content of the admixture, which is non-environmental pollutant, but has got soil reclamation effect on alkaline soil.

This admixture is environmental-friendly. Its specific weight is 400-450 kg/m3.

Application of the admixture can be extensive in environmental protection.
The most important ones in my view

  • absorbing oil when that is on water after a catastrophe
  • cleaning the water from oil in harbours
  • cleaning the water near oil derricks
  • cleaning the sewage outlets of industrial buildings from oil, cooking oil, grease and other ester derivatives
  • using as part of a disaster protection kit in vehicles. For example absorbing leaking oil and oil derivatives in road accidents and breakdowns then making it cleanable.
  • replacing the generally used sanding. It can make burnable contaminations so that we can gain significant heat by burning it.

When catastrophe happens at sea we could collect the leaked oil by pumping it so that the ship that transporting the neutralizing admixture could be able to carry it back to the land.

1. equal quantity2. Oil onto water3. WSG admixture onto oil
4. the reaction starts5. the WSG admixture
closes in on the oil
6. it sinks to the bottom
in the shape of balls
7. the reaction continues8. the WSG admixture absorbed
the oil and it sank to the bottom
9. the used oil and
the WSG admixture
10. clean, transparent water11. the WSG admixture absorbed
the oil and it sank to the bottom,
the water above it stayed clean

Burning experiment