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WSG Kft. introduces itself

The company manufactures high value added, innovative, independent, domestic designed products that are basically cement based, are exposed to the effects of environment and the WSG technology provides the durability of outdoors and indoors structures and ensures their usage lifetime.

By making use of the WSG products you increase the durability of water utility structures—drinking water, water reservoirs, thermal water, swimming pools, tanks, pipelines—furtherly all building structures that were damaged by ground-water, precipitation or floods. By using the products you can manufacture insulating, watertight mortar or concrete that resist the aggressive materials.

WSG products are effectively used as saving material in case of natural catastrophies, for example you can decrease the damage caused by petroleum and its derivatives with an environmental friendly technology: with the help of the products the polluting substances can be collected/removed from water surfaces or solid material surfaces, and thus the environment is handled protectively.

WSG products are environmental friendly materials that are recyclable!

WSG Kft. is committed to development of medium and high level education, related to environment and practice orientation. They wish to invest their decades long experiences in the shaping of the environment in laying the foundations of an international education institution (MSc).

Orosháza, 13th February 2015