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The WORLD STRONG GUARD Watertight primer is a dry-mixed product that can be used by adding water to it. The product consists of cement, class in sand (biggest grain size is 2 mm) and World Strong Guard watertight mortar admixture.

Field of application

  • Bonding adhesive of the WORLD STRONG GUARD Watertight Insulator Plaster
  • Bonding adhesive of the WORLD STRONG GUARD Watertight Screeds
  • Bonding adhesive of other building materials the strength and waterproofness of which need to be increased.

Application instructions

  • Preparation:
    • Walls: First remove all the old plasters, lime, paints and any other old covering from the wall. Deepen the horizontal fugues to 0.5 cm and clean it from dust with water.
    • Concrete Surfaces: Remove all the damaged parts, oil, paints, glue, bitumen from the concrete surface, then clean it with high water pressure. When the surface gets dried, apply the pre-mixed primer.
  • 25 kg/sack of bonding adhesive mixed with 4 – 4.4 litres of water results in suitable mixture.
    First mix the product with the 3/4 of the water to obtain smooth blending then add the remaining water to it.
    The ready to use mixture is recommended to be applied with smoother, but any other method is allowed to get an even surface.
    After the whole surface is covered with this bonding adhesive (minimum 2 mm thickly), lay the required plaster or concrete to it.
    To obtain an even surface, apply the primer in phases.

Additional information

  • Optimally processable above +5 °C.
  • The plaster or the concrete always needs to be applied on fresh primer
  • Use up the mixed bonding adhesive within 30 minutes.
  • Material needs: 1.5-2 kg /m2 in 2 mm thickness.
  • Packaging: 25 kg sacks
  • Lifespan: 1 year.

NMÉ: A-237/2014.

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