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The WORLD STRONG GUARD Watertight Insulator Plaster is an outstanding dry mortar from washed class in sand, cement and World Strong Guard watertight mortar admixture, that can be used up by adding water to it. It has got excellent adhesive and insulating properties. Minimum 2 cm thick layer is needed for watertightness against positive and negative water-pressure. The product is fibre-strengthened.

There are some basic colours available for order:

Field of application

  • Perfectly suitable for interior and exterior waterproof insulation.
  • Waterproof insulation of buildings, cellars, shafts, tunnels min 2 cm thickness against negative water-pressure
  • Waterproof insulation of pools, swimming-pools, water basins, water towers min 2 cm thickness against positive water-pressure.

Application instructions

  • Preparation: First remove all the old plasters, lime, paints and other old covering from the wall, deepen horizontal fugues by 0.5 cm and clean it from dust with water. When the surface gets dried apply World Strong Guard Watertight primer as it is instructed on its packaging.
  • Plastering: Smooth, homogenous mortar can be made by mixing 25 kgs of plaster with 4.5-5 litres of water. The ready to use mortar can easily be applied both by hand and machine. Minimum 2 cm thick layer is needed for perfect sealing. The plaster is easy to smooth in itself.

Additional information

  • It is optimally processable over +5 °C.
  • The fresh plaster needs protection from frost, rain and hot sunshine.
  • After-treatment: spraying with water.
  • On colourless plasters after hardening cold-warm coverage can be applied. It is recommended to use silicate paints.
  • Coloured plasters provide long-lasting, vivid and wear-resistant colours in 1 work phase.
  • Material needs: 17 kg /m2 is needed for 1 cm thickness.
  • Lifespan: 5 years, Packaging: in 25 kg sacks.
  • We provide 10 years warranty if prepared in compliance with the technological specification.

NMÉ: A-254/2014.

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