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The WORLD STRONG GUARD Walldrying Plaster is a dry-mixed mortar that it is ready for use by adding water to it. The product consists of cement, class in sand. World Strong Guard watertight mortar and pore forming admixture which provides over 30% porosity. The special admixture results in effective vapour permeability property and water tightness and ensures dry wall surfaces free from salt, nitrate and mould. The product is fibre-strengthened.

There are some basic colours available for order:

Field of application

  • Plastering of damp walls on both sides from visible moisture up to + 50 cm height, minimum from 1 cm to 2.5cm thickness, depending on the thickness of the wall.
  • Dry plastering of cellars, rebuilding of living place, depending on degree of moisture –from min 1.5 cm, to max 2.5 cm.
  • Plastering such dry surfaces which need continuous airpermeability in minimum 1 cm thick layer.

Application instructions

  • Preparation: First remove all the old plasters, lime, paints, soot and dust from the wall. Incise the horizontal wall joints 0.5 cm deeply and sprinkle the wall with water to get rid of the dust. When the surface gets dried apply World Strong Guard watertight primer as it is instructed on its packaging.
  • Plastering: Smooth, homogenous mortar can be made by mixing 25 kgs of plaster with 4-4.5 litres of water.
    The ready to use mortar can easily be applied both by hand and machine.
    It is recommended to first apply a plaster layer in thickness decreased by 0.5 cm. When it can hold the next layer, apply the missing 0.5 cm layer and smooth it into the final status. When laying coloured plasters the insulation layer needs to be only 0.5 cm thick.

Additional information

  • it is optimally processable above +5 °C.
  • The fresh plaster needs protection from frost, rain and hot sunshine.
  • After-treatment: spraying with water. Process is required as at any other cement based plasters.
  • Colourless plasters after drying can be coloured with air-permeable silicate paints.
  • Coloured plasters provide long-lasting, vivid and wear-resistant colours in 1 work phase.
  • Material needs: for 1 cm thickness 15 kg /m2 is necessary.
  • The product keeps its quality for 1 year.
  • Lifespan: 5 years, packaging in: 25 kg sacks.
  • We provide 10 years warranty in case of preparation in compliance with the required technology.

NMÉ: A-253/2014

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