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The WORLD STRONG GUARD Thick Layered Watertight Floor Screed is produced from high quality concrete that consists of washed and sorted aggregate (largest size of gravels is 8 mm), cement and World Strong Guard watertight concrete admixture that is ready to be used by adding water to it. The product is not only high solid but has got waterproof, water-repellent properties, also salt and frost resistant properties. It is fibre-strengthened.

There are some basic colours available to order:

Field of application

  • for repair of 35-60 mm layer thickness floating, or in direct contact with the independent base surface
  • concrete damaged surfaces, pavements, entrances,
  • Insulation of flat roofs, terraces, balconies 35 – 60 mm thickness
  • in individual layers it is suitable to any insulating water repellent concrete

Application instructions

  • Clean the damaged concrete surface with high water pressure.
  • When the surface gets dried apply World Strong Guard Watertight primer as it is instructed on its packaging.
  • After the surface is dry, spread the Screed Concrete on the surface.
  • 25 kg/sack of screed concrete mixed with 2 – 2.5 litres of water gives proper consistency.

Additional information

  • It is optimally processable above +5 °C.
  • The fresh screed concrete needs protection against frost, rain and hot sunshine.
  • After-treatment: spraying with water.
  • The after-treatment can be carried out only once if the surface is covered with watertight admixture.
  • Primarily recommended for exterior use.
  • No need for subsequent covering, as we obtain a surface that does not wear out.
  • Material needs: 20 - 21 kg /m2 for 1 cm thickness.
  • Lifespan: 5 years.
  • Packaging: 25 kg sacks.

NMÉ: M-4005/2008

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